How To Make Strong Connections With Prospects

We’ve all been there. Waiting for the phone to ring. For that email to ping into our inbox. For that notification to pop up on our mobile. 
But, how can we make sure that it will? 
Ok, so it’s impossible to know that it will. But there are infinite things that we can do to improve the chances of it happening. One of those things is getting an explainer video for your website, uploaded to your homepage, front and centre. 

Explainer Videos, or Website Explainers, serve two purposes. The first is to provide a friendly, approachable “face” for your visitors. A guide to help them navigate your site, and get to know you. The second is a chance to persuade them why it’s your service they need – not your competition. 

It should be the very first thing your visitors click on. Your chance to make that first impression count. 

Website Explainers are such incredible tools, far more effective than just plain text. Imagine, rather than reading this, that there was a calm, composed, professional voice walking you through this information, backed up by beautiful, tasteful music, and some stunning visuals too. You’d enjoy it a whole lot more. The message would stay with you. Not just in your mind, but hopefully, in your emotional being as well.

The key to building long relationships, ones that last, ones you can depend on, is to give people something they don’t just agree with – but something that they feel is right. Something that inspires and excites them. 

Then they’ll buy. 

We should never lose sight of the bottom line – making more money. That, of course, involves making more sales – and in the internet age, this requires making deep and lasting connections with the people who buy from you. More positive, lasting connections = more referrals. More referrals = more repeat business, and an improved reputation and profile online. 

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