How To Become An Unstoppable Marketing Machine

We’ve all been there. Working incredibly hard. Setting up a business. Refining our gut-wrenchingly important USP. 

But who cares? 

Well, no one does. Not unless you make them. 

The most incredibly exciting/terrifying moment is when you realise that setting up your own business is just the beginning. Now you have to make people sit up, and take notice. 

But how? 

In one word: Marketing. In two words: Content Marketing. In four words: Freaking Brilliant Content Marketing. 

Content Marketing as an idea has been around a long time, but as a term, it’s quite new. Well, perhaps not that new in business terms. But not everyone is familiar with it. 

It basically means providing people with a solution they didn’t know existed, to a problem they’re worried they might be stuck with for good. This hinges on your ability to “frame” your service in a way that marks it out as both essential, and completely unique. And fabulous. 

Who is your ideal client? (And don’t say “people who want to buy”…) 

Who IS your ideal client? How old are they? What are their interests, their priorities? How do THEY want to be seen? 

The more you can picture them in your mind, and empathise with them as an individual, the more sharply focused your marketing will become. 

Think goals. Think targets. 

Set yourself specific challenges, and reward yourself for completing them. Keep track of where you are compared to your goals. 

Are you diabolically motivated to succeed? Because somewhere out there someone else, in competition with you, most definitely is. 

Break down exactly what it is that drives you. Identify that. Be crystal clear. Then remind yourself of it every freaking day. Just before you write your to do list is a perfect moment to do so. 

Find out more about branding, marketing, and the most effective ways to connect with your client base at: 

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