About me.


It was while still at school, at the tender age of 14, that I decided I wanted to be a professional actor. My parents weren’t too pleased at first. But, after seeing how driven I was to succeed, and the level of my dedication, I brought them round to the idea.

What followed was five years of intensive conservatoire training, during which there were more than a few crisis points. But, after graduating with my degree, and further independent study, I finally alighted upon my own personal “Holy Grail”: a method of tapping into deep emotions, and conveying them to others.

This is now my promise to my clients – to create and give voice to their personal brand journeys in a way that moves, and engages, their potential customers. My finely-honed skills now serve to enhance and develop client engagement, both through the use of explainer videos, and voice over.

Thanks for reading.

Tom’s brilliant work has hugely increased our website’s client engagement.

F.G., Senior Legal Partner